The Menominee Opera House


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The Menominee Opera House resides in the heart of the Historic Waterfront District in Menominee, Michigan. Originally built in 1902, it was severely damaged by fire in the winter of 1950. Today, there is a major effort in progress to restore this magnificent building which was at one time the pride of the city. Planned renovations will also modernize the facility in order to make it fully operational once again.

If you would like to donate or become a volunteer, please contact us. You can also support the Menominee Opera House renovation project by becoming a member and financial supporter - contact us to learn more.

Please join us in making the restoration of the historic Menominee Opera House a reality. Download a donation form here.


Our Mission: "To provide cultural diversity to the region while creating a self-sustaining entity which will enrich our lives."

Our Objective: "Restoring the historic Menominee Opera House to become a multi-functional performing arts center."

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